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Firearms recording(SKS, UTS15)

Almost end of Feb 2020, went to place called Agassiz for recording firearms

What we prepared was SKS rifle using 7.62mm x 39mm rounds and UTS15 shotgun using slug and magnum buckshot.

We have set up in the middle of mountain which we harm no one(joke) with 2 vehicles of 7 people and bunch of microphones.

Total 14 channels for recording. we set up 2 contact mic and 1 lav mic for mechanical sound. 1 dynamic mic and PZM mic for blank range, 2 shotgun mic for middle range, 2 another shotgun for close range. Also put 2 omni mic for long range and tale of the sound, and 1 stereo XY set of mic and 1 shotgun for rear position.

Shooting was succesful, weather was good. Some chopper was approached sometimes but it was all good. We also did record foley of gun loading and unloading. Additionally, we did some slingshot records too. We were expecting impact shot which can be used for bullet ricochet but also had amazing whiz sound.

Maybe next time, when weather is warmer. we may try something more interesting.

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