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Location Sound for RCMP

In the beginning of November, Went for 4 days of shooting out of total 5 that I had another 8 days of location sound job at Vancouver Film School.

It was Anti Gangster film from RCMP. Haven't see the whole film which is all organized yet but it was great experience. Used Sennheiser MKE 600 with Zoom F6 and two Sennheiser EW112 G4 and other two G3 lav mics for sound. I was the boom operator and my VFS buddy Chris Dang was there for me as sound mixer. We were great team trying many things to complete the sound. One thing I feel good was how we tried to improve lav mic quality with foamies and flurries with gaff tape and medical tape. Also things we should improve as well. There was some outdoor scenes but boom really didn't do it's job when it was raining. However still tried to get better sound with lavs and we did it. Also I knew this before but was real confirmation that sound should be at least 2 person team. During Covid19, it's pretty big challenging during whole filming, but everyone was well prepared to make a great one.

Here below sharing some behind the scene photos

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