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Location Sound through Aug to Sept

Hey ssup, Longtime no see!

As you know, during Covid, There was not much things to do.

I was preparing to do something like Drone video+Sound design projects or many others like collaboration with Indie games as sound designer but it's still on going though very slow.

Mean while I had a chance to join film shooting as location sound as Boom operator and Mixer in many films.

Also some post sound productions as well.

Mostly Short film, but it was really impressive. We are having hard time during this pandemic but everyone was full of passion, but also cautious about the disease. It was really meaningful time for me.

Short film 'Strangers on the Bridge' (pic above, at Stanley park, not much pics on set)

Short film 'Quiet girl' (at Port moody and Downtown)

Short punjabi film( at Mission and Abbotsford - didn't received call sheet and name of the show)

Short film 'Fate and Chocolate cake' (at Tsawwassen)

Short film ' Olive's Apartment is Haunted' (at Vancouver) with Giancarlo as Mixer

And there was some other opportunity as well.

Done Foley and sound mix for short film

Short film 'I miss you Margaret' (as Post sound production)

So there's will be more to post in near future but for now, so long and see you soon!

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