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Recording through Bass Pickups!


This is I tried something funny with my dear Chris Dang, member of Electronic geisha, game audio team.

This time we brought NTG2 and MKH8060 shothun mics to record some sound through bass and guitar pickups. it's also connected through my effector, BOSS ME80 and Fender Champion guitar amp.

We tried to record with milk foamer and electric toothbrush contact with the strings to get the vibrations, using different pickup settings and different effectors on.

Also we tried to play it with string bow(like in violin) to rub it like violins.

And last, we used drill turned on near the pickup to catch it's sound. That was amazing. maybe motor of drill also has electric magnetic fields that may have effected or interacted with pickups(because they are also magnets) we are not sure however it sounds really weird.

We were short of time at that moment, so there will be part 2 soon!

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