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RoboRapture - Game audio implementation


My first game audio implementation project

Collaborated with Game design and Programming students in VFS

Area of sound design, not just film, animation. Game audio is also a very attractive moment especially not just making it's asset but also participating sound implementation.

Me and my team(Jordi and Pato) used middleware called 'Wwise'

Most of our job in the beginning was watching through animation of those characters' movement and make sound for each move and action such as crushing fruits and vegies to make gross but organic bloody monsters.

We also used many effects for voice over as well, fortunately our Jordi was so talented for making various voice of monsters.

And after that, we put all those sounds into Wwise and give conditions to play so the sounds plays appropriate for maker's intention. and also controling sound not to played too much at the same time to save resources

For me, I also take charge of music with Daniel, outsources music personnel. also friend of Maceo-game design team, and also implement them into games.


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