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Sound recording at LA & Vegas

About autumn of 2019

4 members of Electronic Geisha went to Los Angeles to join Game Sound Conference 2019(GSC2019)

But also we had our own project before it, going out for recording other sounds.

Especially IR(Impulse Response). We used We used 2 Zoom H6, Zoom H4, H1 and H3 Ambisonic to record most of our sounds

First, we went to abandoned zoo and there was some building that we could collect some IR from it. However there was some sort of concert on going(awww.....) So we decided to move on to Long beach to get some harbour background. Then we got some unexpected result when we got to Korean bell of friendship.

It is technically giant bell, Asian style. and all made of bronze(I believe so). To maximize it's resonance, there was big hole digged under the bell, so we crowl inside and installed H6 with Speaker to perfome IR recording. It was....gotta have it with altiverb though, it sounds like synth. Amazing sound and can't wait to process it(Couldn't even done it yet)

Our next journey was Venice beach. Usually it's my travel course but this time was for recording, so we had our zoom set and recorde all that jetcoaster and sound of the ocean.

Next day, we went to Vegas. It's not on the video but we visited another abandon house in the middle of desert. Performed another IR in there(Even tried to put speaker inside the vent and record it from next room's vent outlet). After that, we parked car right next to highway and recorded cars passing by and also put recorder under small bridge so that we can recorde some bump when cars passing by.

Tried to get wind sound as well however it was way to strong that our windscreen couldn't properly block that wind from mic, so gave up though wanna try again some other time.

It actually happend on October of 2019 haha...

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