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Final Project of VFS

This is Final Project of Ssup Kim as a result of my whole year study in Vancouver Film School as Sound design for visual media

Video is from game trailer of World of Warships, Wait for me

All sound has been redesigned with my own recordings and library of VFS

Musics are composed by Ssup or Taken from 5 Alarm music

Most excited moment of this project was getting lots of water sounds, especially underwater one. So I rented hydrophone and with my ZoomH6, did it in lake of Belcarra and also in my bathtub. Torpedo motor cavitation sound was really tricky but solved it with milk foamer in different angles and depth.

Also mixing was challenging because there are so many things happening at the same time. Explosions, water splash, gun fire and planes. It was really hard for me try to set things right in the middle of those sounds fighting for the frontline of the battle.

It's already been an year I got here for the study and now it's done with this video. guess I learned a lot, and also gonna learn a lot in the other side of this field.

Thank you

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