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Global Game Jam Vancouver 2020 review



This is review of my first Global Game Jam 2020 at Vancouver

5 of us from VFS went there as sound designer. Frankly I really had no idea what global game jam was. just like the band jam, all of those releated to game went there and make game in 3 days.

This year's theme was 'Repair'

Hmm~~ interesting eh?

Actually, I was the sound guy not the programmer nor game designer, I was there as member of "Tree of audio' providing sound for game makers. It was actually more like asset provider, not like game audio guy I learned at VFS. However it was really funny and great experience making sound(using library and synth) for many games. Compare to game designers and programmers, sound guy was so small numbers of ppl, so we had to make sounds for more than 10 games(I forgot how many it was).

There was a list of assets in excel sheet and all the sound guys were sharing those list and mark what they are going to make. It was nice opportunity and also good to meet all those ppl in the event. Only feel bad was, it would be better if we can also join implement all those sounds into the game which makes us perfect game audio guys.

Those below are the games I participated. and my favorite...? would be Fixins-I like that green creature!

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